Robots with low Environmental Impact

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Team members from LS2N


Name Scientific task Responsability
Dr. Sébastien BRIOT Design, modelling, identification Principal investigator, leader of the Task "Modelling and Identification"
Prof. Philippe MARTINET Control, perception Leader of the Task "Advanced Control and Perception"
Dr. Stéphane CARO Robust design Leader of the Task "Optimal Design"
Dr. Alexandre GOLDSZTEJN Optimization of the robot design  
Ms. Lila KACI

Design, modelling, control
PhD student in charge of the design and control of the robot

Mr. David Llevat-Pamiès

Modelling, control
Engineer, in charge of the controller and experiments of the robot



Team members from ESB


Name Scientific task Responsability
Dr. Clément Boudaud Wood modelling Leader of the Task "Experimentations"
Prof. Mark IRLE Wood modelling  
Mr. Sébastien Rincé Wooden link design